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Principles of Business Management | Part II

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Principles of Business Management | Part II


Learning about business management doesn't have to be difficult or boring. In the second half of a two-part course, you'll learn about how managers plan within their organizations, how to set smart goals, and how to establish create work environments. Want to learn how to make more rational decision in the workspace or organize your business structure? This course covers concepts, theories, and principles imperative for any business owner, entrepreneur, or lifelong learner. 

This course include 10 videos ranging from 5 - 10 minutes; each designed to better your understanding of management principles. 


  1. Planning in an Organizational Setting
  2. How to Make More Rational Decisions
  3. How the S-Curve of Innovation Works
  4. Establishing Creative Work Environments
  5. Lewin's Force Field Analysis
  6. How to Complete a SWOT Analysis
  7. How to Set SMART Goals
  8. How the BCG Matrix Works
  9. Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  10. Developing Organizational Structure
  11. Establishing Authority Within Firms
  12. Job Characteristics Model of Motivation

Upon purchase you receive instructions on how to download this course. 

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