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Welcome to the Alanis Business Academy Resources page. On this page you'll find a curated list of courses, tools, and other resources I recommend for expanding your business knowledge. 

Before taking using any of the following resources, please take a look at this important disclosure

Wacom Bamboo Tablet

wacom bamboo tabletPeople often ask my how I create the videos for Alanis Business Academy. Although it's not the only piece of equipment I use (see below), the Wacom Bamboo Tablet is a staple in my video production process. This device is what allows me to illustrate concepts clearly on screen to improve viewer engagement. Each tablet includes a pressure sensitive pen, which gives you the feel of writing with pen and paper.

To learn more about the Wacom Bamboo Tablet click here

AudioTechnica ATR-2100


audiotechnica atr 2100

Comparable to USB microphones that cost double the price, the AudioTechnica ATR-2100 is my microphone of choice for creating videos. This microphone plugs directly into your computer's USB port and delivers amazing voice quality. If you're looking for a quality microphone without spending hundreds of dollars, look no further than the AudioTechnica ATR-2100. 

To learn more about the AudioTechnica ATR 2100 click here.



fiverr: find what you need doneFiverr is the world's largest marketplace for services. Whether you're looking for a logo for your business or help writing a business plan, Fiverr can connect you with qualified freelancers. Jobs, or as Fiverr calls them "Gigs", start at just $5 (the name makes sense now right?) and increase from there. If you're starting a business, or perhaps looking to expand your existing business, Fiverr is sure to have a few services that can help you.

To learn more about Fiverr click here



udemyUdemy is a global marketplace with a library of over 40,000 courses taught by expert instructors. Want to improve your knowledge of MS Excel, photoshop, or product development? Udemy offers courses in virtually everything to help you acquire important knowledge and skills. I'm a Udemy instructor and have my own course available, so I know just how great Udemy is to us life-long learners and entrepreneurs. 

To browse Udemy's extensive library and start learning today click here


ed2go: online classes and career trainingEd2go is the industry leader in affordable online education for adults.  With a network of over 2,100 top colleges, universities, and organizations, ed2go offers hundreds of engaging online courses covering topics from Accounting to Web Design. Unlike most online courses, ed2go courses come equipped with a patient and caring instructor to guide you through the course, facilitate lively discussion, and provide practical information that you can put into immediate use.  To browse ed2go's extensive catalog of courses click here


audibleDo you spend a lot of time commuting to and from work? I do, and Audible has allowed me to take full advantage of that time. In addition to offering audio editions of many popular books, including Originals by Adam Grant and Grit by Angela Duckworth (two of my favorites), users receive a complimentary audio edition of either the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. For me this is worth the $14.95 monthly price by itself as it insures that I get the major headlines if I can't sit down and read that day's paper.

To learn more about Audible, and take advantage of a 30 day free-trial, click here.

Freedom Self-Publishing

Interested in building a passive-income business as an author? Freedom Self-Publishing offers a complete Kindle training course to help get you started. With over 50 videos, you'll learn the step by step process to publishing your book via Amazon. In addition to understanding the publishing process, you'll learn:

  • How to choose profitable niches
  • How to get book reviews
  • How to get a low cost book cover design
  • How to promote your book and take advantage of free outlets
  • How to utilize advanced pricing strategies to boost your revenue
  • How to take advantage of virtual assistances to turn your business into a true passive-income model. 

To learn more about Freedom Self-Publishing click here.